Learn all about what makes a complete school meal here!


Fivestar_complete_meal_component_image.jpgWell balanced and nutritional meals are planned daily.  Meal pricing offers students a complete meal with a wide variety of choices to meet the needs of the age groups served.

Meals consist of components or units.  Entrées consist of 2 components (In general a protein or meat and grain combination).  A colorful selection of vegetables and fruits are considered 1 component each, with 2 offered with lunch and 1 with breakfast. Milk is 1 component.  The total number of components offered at lunch is 5.  A Complete Lunch includes a choice of entrees, a colorful selection of vegetables, fruits, juices, bread or grains, and milk.

*Students must choose at least 3 of the 5 components offered with at least one serving of a fruit or vegetable to receive the meal pricing.

*If a student takes anything less than 3 components and a fruit or vegetable is not chosen ala carte prices will be charged and this will most likely result in a higher cost to the student.  A Complete Breakfast includes a hot or cold breakfast entrée, fruit or juice, and milk. Students must choose a total of 3 of the 4 components offered to receive meal pricing.


All food on campus is selected using the highest standards and meet the USDA requirements for school meals.

·         Meals are planned to meet the new standards that include each week an offering of dark green, orange/red, starchy, legumes, and other vegetables.

·         Half of all breads and grains must be whole-grain rich.

·         Larger portions of fruits and vegetables will be offered to students based on the grade level served.

·         All milk is non-fat and if offered in both plain and flavors.

Acceptable snack items that are nutritionally approved are available at additional charges.